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Genuine Couples, Great Clubs, Organized by REAL Swingers

What makes us different from other sites?
First and foremost is our dedication to DISCRETION. Most sites offer open membership to anyone on the internet. We do not, we ask that all members be either paid members or receive a complimentary membership from one of our Clubs, Lifetime Members, Founding Members, or CLR Staff. These Complimentary Passes can be used by Couples or Single Ladies only.

Our staff are all active in the Lifestyle, so everyone involved with the back end orperations of Casual, Looking, & Ready understand the nature of privacy and discretion. Not to mention the in and outs of the Lifestyle.

Then there is the cost of membership, we are and always will be the most inexpensive membership based lifestyle site online. We are dedicated to the Lifestyle & its participants.

We are also one of the rare membership based sites that mimicks the lifestyle in terms of rates. Couples & Singles all have their own rates for membership.
  • Couples $3.95
  • Single Ladies $1.95
  • Single Gentlemen $5.95
We do not offer free memberships, as we want to keep your information, photos, and adult lifestyle choices limited to only those that are serious about the Lifestyle themselves. But with our ridiculously low rates you will not have to worry about CLR ever being to expensive. Lifetime, Founding, & Club members do have monthly membership passes, so if you have been invited by one of them, make sure you get your complimentary pass from them.

Forums - Discuss a wide variety of topics, from something funny or sexy to getting advice from others that have been around awhile.

Chatroom - Visit and get to know others while hanging out on CLR.

Photos & Videos - Show off your sexiness. With two different photo sections, you can have some for everyone to see, and then those steamy ones for just your friends.

Three ways to show you are real and genuine.

1. Become a Certified Member
2. Let a CLR Certified Club verify that YES you are indeed a real person and in the Lifestyle
3. Or message a CLR Staff member and they can walk you through becoming Verified.

Member Certified CLR Verified

Groups - Join an array of different groups, or even create one that fits your style or desires.

Reward Points - Earn points to exclusive gear, monthly raffles, club entry fees, and more just by being an active member.

Anonymous Questions Forum - Ask for advice from other folks in the Lifestyle while keeping your anonymity.

MP3 Players on profiles, let others know what kind of music you like. As well as a have a playlist online to listen to anytime you want.

Blogs, Walls, and more for all members of CLR. Only one way to see all the benefits of being a CLR Community member.

We work very closely with Lifestyle Clubs and Event Planners

The Lifestyle is far from being mainstream, but one thing we can all probably agree upon, is its growth in then last decade or so. With that being said you can typically find a Lifestyle Club or Event in nearly every community. Most are legitimate establishments where us like-minded people can go to enjoy the benefits of the lifestyle.

No matter if you are a On Premise or Off Premise Club, a Hotel Party Planner, or just do the occassional Meet & Greet, we want to talk to you. We know how hard most party planners work to accomplish a great events for their guests, and we look forward to helping you have a great event from beginning to end.

Our Events system is designed for you to be able to use to completely organize your event. From the guest list, to the photos or comments afterwards. And unlike many other sites that want you to limit your activities to their site, we encourage and even give you tools to advertise where ever you would like. Every club has their own group, and forum. We do not limit how you communicate with your potential guests.

Plus we have our exclusive Pink & Black Parties.

If you think you may be interested in having a Club account please contact us directly via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We work very close with Clubs & Event Planners to make sure they have the best events with some of the sexiest, funnest, and genuine members in their area.

A few recent members here at CLR

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Orange County, NY
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Wareham, MA
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petaluma, CA
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Seduce Me
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Los Angles, CA
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sacramento, CA
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Marysville, CA
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Sacramento, CA